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Author: Laurent

Conference on the AgroParisTech campus

4th October 2022

Conference on CSR at the Forum Vitae Summer University AgroParisTech Alumni.

Laurent Joudon has been invited, as co-founding chairman of Fair&Sens, to give a lecture at the summer university, organised by the Forum Vitae in partnership with the Alumni (AgroParisTech Alumni) and the AgroParisTech Foundation, on Tuesday 4 October 2022 from 6pm to 9pm on the New AgroParisTech Campus in Palaiseau.

He will share his unique vision of CSR, which, through its origins and advances, sometimes reveals its limits, contradictions and weaknesses in a fast-paced, market-driven and increasingly carbon-intensive economy, but also its strengths for building the future.

Discussions and reflections on the place of the human species within the living world which, in my view, cannot be separated from a truly committed CSR strategy and from any form of corporate strategy, based in particular on inclusion, sustainable (or rather ‘sustainable’) development and innovation, co-construction of solutions, symbiosis, etc.

Lecture given alongside Nicolas Redon from Novethic and Alexandre Rambaud, senior lecturer at AgroParisTech-CIRED, a leading specialist in ‘Ecological Accounting’ (member of the chair).

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Masterclass “Women Empowerment”

Lorène Ferrandès Fair&Sens - Masterclass:
Lorène Ferrandès - Masterclass:

  • Karine Gros, Dr. Solanges Vivens, Elisabeth Moreno, Lorène Ferrandès

  • Yasemin Samdereli, Lorène Ferrandès, Manuel Collas de La Roche, Karine Gros

  • Elisabeth Moreno with Lorène Ferrandès

“Empowering Women in Business”

At the 80th Edition of the Venice Film Festival, on 8 September 2023 at 10am, organised by Better World Fund For the Benefit of the Maria Callas Foundation.

Through an event that aims to highlight the incredible achievements of women in various sectors of activity and shed light on key issues that affect their personal and professional lives, they share experiences that lead to change in order to make a difference in our world.

Support for people with neurodiversity issues.
Coming soon !

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