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Fair&Sens team

Laurent Joudon - President and Co-founder of Fair&Sens

Laurent Joudon

President and Co-founder of Fair&Sens
  • Workshop Creator on Social and Societal Challenges,
  • Business Strategy, CSR, Contributive Enterprise,
  • Reference on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
  • Reference on Psychosocial Risks in Business,
  • Engaging and Revitalizing Teams,
  • Stakeholder Identification and Mapping,
  • Corporate Culture and Political Role,
  • Speaker,
  • Trainer
Lorène Ferrandès - Co-founder of Fair&Sens

Lorène Ferrandès

Co-founder of Fair&Sens 

Unveiler of Human Strengths and Talents.

  • Sensory Referent in Regular Environments,
  • Workplace Environmental Audit,
  • High-Value Inclusive Recruitment Consultancy,
  • Team Management,
  • Neurodiversity Job Coaching,
  • Workshop on Multiple Intelligences,
  • Project Manager and Trainer for ARIA (Supporting, Identifying, and Integrating Autistic Individuals),
  • Talent Discovery (Talent Hacker),
  • Essayist,
  • Speaker.
Sandrine Alvès

Sandrine Alvès

Fair&Sens Partner
  • Neuro-atypical headhunter IPT/ASD
  • Trainer
  • Speaker
  • Therapist
  • Behavioural sciences
Mathilde Moulet - Strategist for coexistence

Mathilde Moulet

Strategist for coexistence

  • Neurodiversity Specialist,
  • CSR Consulting,
  • Disability Mission Referent for Social Participation and Inclusion,
  • Strategic Marketing,
  • Language Translator and Facilitator.

Business partners

Corinne Dumont

Corinne Dumont

  • Entrepreneur – End Absurd.Business
  • Uncover Denials, BreakFree from Greed + EgoCentric Power + Mind Control
  • Promote Balanced Business Ethics
  • Follow your Heart
  • Embody Joy, Authenticity, Horse Wisdom in Leadership

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